Singapore Food Manufacturers' Association
Singapore Food Manufacturers' Association

SFMA - Esso Fleet Card Programme

SFMA - Esso Fleet Card Programme

Singapore Food Manufacturers' Association (SFMA) has tied up with ExxonMobil to offer all SFMA members discount of up to 28%* off Diesel & 26%* off Petrol on Esso Fleet Card Programme.

* 28% diesel and 26% petrol discount only for selected sites - ESSO Sembawang B, Bedok North & Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim. 24% diesel and petrol discount at all other sites.

The Esso Fleet Card lets you enjoy:

If you have any enquiries or wish to sign up for the ESSO Fleet Card, please contact ExxonMobil:
Ms Diana Giam
HP: +65 8383 6066

All SFMA members would be entitled to this preferential discount.

The discount rate will be only for Companies who submit their Esso Fleet Card Programme application before 31st Dec 2020.

For existing Companies who is already on the Esso Fleet Card Programme, please contact Ms Diana Giam directly to confirm the new discount rate.