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Implementing On-site Food Waste Treatment Systems

Date: 11 Nov 2020

Time: 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

ZOOM Webinar


From 2024 onwards, as part of Singapore's Resource Sustainability Act 2019, MSE/NEA will make it mandatory for ALL commercial & industrial premises generating large amounts of food waste, as little as 100 kg per day on average – to segregate and treat their food wastes on-site and subject to fines for non-compliance to implement on-site food waste treatment. New buildings from 2021 must provide space for such treatment.

Maeco Technologies Pte Ltd is an NEA-approved vendor and Singapore's only local manufacturer of food waste digesters. They have agreed to give SFMA members a short online presentation on the ins and outs of such food waste treatment technologies and the available funding schemes.

Find out which option is the best approach to food waste treatment (converting to fertilizer or liquid?) today and review how your organization can leverage on the current subsidies (and the best ones for you), converting waste to value with fertilizer buyback program, and have a closer look at some of the innovations in food waste digestion that make all this possible.


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